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Resistance training for ladies.

Resistance training for ladies
Resistance training for ladies

Ladies you have lower levels of testosterone so you shouldn’t worry of building bigger muscle, So by including resistance training into your workout will help you shade the fat quicker than when you would only have a diet without resistance training . The benefit of resistance training is that your whole body will be well defined, by defined I mean more tone. resistance training will also improve your brain muscle connection in a way that your motor neurons will be more connect.

Ladies, stop worrying about it. because most of the female that have muscle that look like men’s muscle they have likely taken either human growth hormones, anabolic steroid or other stuffs to increase the testosterone level into their blood and therefore build bigger muscles. By staying natural you won’t have to worry about building muscle rather you will be improving your metabolism which will further help you burn more calories during your days. And this will get you faster to your goal of losing fat and looking sexy.

Another thing is that by resistance training in the pre 30 you will improve you spongy bones density and this will be beneficial in the postmenopausal when oestrogen production will have stopped. when it stops that’s when the spongy bone density will start decline, and this decline could easily cause fracture while doing any simple daily activity in the hip, spine or wrist bones, it is called osteoporosis. This right here happens also to men. By the way did you know that the male skeleton could be easily differentiated from a female, first the females have a wider hip done and second due to the fact that males have much stronger muscles where they attach on the skeleton it’s surface is rough.

To summarize resistance training won’t grow muscles if you don’t take supplements that will increase the blood levels of testosterone. The more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism will be which will bring you faster to your goal of losing weight. Weight training will reduce the risk of having to deal with a bone fracture a the later ages. And let’s not forget about the diseases like type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease the list goes on. Leave me a comment to if you got something from this article and you could also a leave me a question of something you are want me to cover. Till the next one.

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