Remmy Topless Flexing biceps

I am a passionate  hobbyist natural bodybuilder, i have been working out since I could walk and all because since i was young my dream has always been being shredded, and route to take me to my shredded athletic body was to was to embark on an active lifestyle. Since 2008 almost a decade ago I was invited by a good friend of mine to the fitness since then It felt good for me and it has become my lifelong passion, As long as there is a breath in my body i will be putting aside some minutes to stay in a great shape.


I started this blog as way to lay down one of the many ways you could get in your best shape. I want to show you that you can achieve the great physique without using any performance enhancing drugs. I also have a channel on youtube where i post workout video,tips, vlogs, food and talk about fitness gear. I want to be your source of motivation or Testimonial that it is possible to have an athletic body without steroid or other forbidden substance. To me active lifestyle has greatly improved my life I hope to encourage you as well to embark on this journey. You can help me by leaving a comment, question or how you relates to any article. I will be posting blog every week on saturday.


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