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4 Benefit of working out Regularly

Working out battle rope
Working out battle rope

Kid you not most of the people that go to fitness they have one goal in mind, to look good in their bikini‚Äôs for the ladies and gents is to look good in their swimming shorts. If a year is 365 days and the vacation only takes on average 30 days from the 365 wouldn’t it be even better to just make going to the gym a lifelong goal? In this blog I am listing the 4 benefits of why making working out a lifelong goal is better for health and psychic. If you have time leave me a comment because the more people interact with my content the more I will be motivated to make more thanks you in advance.

The first benefit why I workout is for sleep. To be honest on any day that I skip a workout due to a busy day errands; when I go to bed at my regular sleeping hours I struggle to fall asleep. So I spend like one extra hour trying to induce some sleep but still the sleep does not come easily.

The second benefit of working out is that I have noticed an increase my well being. Working out has increased my muscle thereby also increased my metabolism. Let me explain a bit what a metabolism is, so the metabolism are all the chemical process that takes part in our bodies to provides the organs with the vital building blocks such vitamins, energy,etc for them to continue to function optimally. The benefit of increased metabolic process is that the body will burn more calories and if my goal is to lose weight that’s how I will achieve it.

The third benefit of working out is that once It became my habit, the activation energy that it is required for me to start doing this activity when I have to do will be low. Let me explain the activation energy, on a day to day basis the errands we have to run are the mountains we have to climb, and once we get on top of that mountain the descent will be easy, to get back to my point the activation energy is the effort I have to exert to get on the top of the mount. The easier it become for performing an activity the more you will enjoy that process or journey you have embarked on.

The last benefit of working out is that since I workout, I will get used to how my body looks and that way it will lower my insecurity. I remember that whenever I get a new haircut I always looks in the mirror a lot because I am not used to that look but after a while I familiarize with my new look. So Imagine making drastic body transformation in a short period of time. That will take time to sink in your psych.

As conclusion I workout for my sleep. I workout for my well being. I workout for familiarizing with my look. I have made working out a routine to reduce the activation energy required to start working out as they say fake it until you make it.

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