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3 Things I Do To Maintain My Athletic body

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In this blog, I am going through the three things that I try to fulfil on weekly basis to maintain my athletic body. Leave a comment or a question on a topic you would like to see me talk about.

Doing High Intensity
One,High intensity workouts are the best way of burning a lot of fats, High intensity means that I do some type of interval training. It can be on the treadmill running, treadmill incline running, rope skipping, burpees, cycling, battle rope, or any other active that raise your heart beat. The way I do the intervals is by ratio’s(go all out: resting), 1:1 advance level, 1:2 intermediate, 1:3 or more for beginner or necessary to bring your heart rate low again. Reducing my fat percentage with show the separation the muscles of my athletic body.

Second, Complex carbs are the best because the contain fibres and those will make you feel full.So what are the sources of complex carbs green vegetables, whole grains and foods made from them, such as oatmeal, pasta, and whole-grain breads. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and pumpkin. Beans, lentils, and peas. Complex carbs are slowly released into your system, due to the slow release into the system no fat will be formed. And furthermore you will feel equally energised due to the fact that you wont have energy peak into your system.
on the other hand avoid sugary drinks because these drinks cause energy peak, because your system can not absorb the amount that will be immediately dumped into your system, all the the remaining will be stored as fat by your body.

Increase you metabolism
By working out I become stronger, increase in metabolic activities because you will create more muscle and more muscles need more energy.

The take aways are whole food will help wont be dumped into you system and there by causing energy peak. Fat burning happens through breathes, so the activity that raises your heart beat is a good one for burning fat. Depending on the amount of muscles you have on your body your athletic body is an energy burning machine.

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